Snellville (Market Scoops)

I set aside time today to do some market research. I have several stories out to publishers, but a few more still sitting on my hard-drive doing nothing.

My first stop is always His website is frequently updated and is usually the only site I need to for market information. I noticed today, however, that Ralan is using updates from another site to update That site is Snellville , cited at as “D. L. Snell’s Market Scoops.”

Along with SF/F/H news and information, Snell offers “Market Scoops,” which are the same ten questions posed to various editors of magazines, web-zines and anthologies. Questions such as, “Which genres would you like to see incorporated into submissions to this market?” offers writers a better understanding of what a particular editor is looking for beyond a publication’s sometimes maddeningly vague submission guidelines.

Armed with information from one of Snell’s Market Scoops, I submitted a story this morning to an anthology market. The anthology, Bride of The Golem, seemed a good fit for a quirky story  I have never submitted anywhere before.

I’ll be adding Snellville to my blogroll just as soon as I publish this. It’s worth checking out.


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