Theatre of Cruelty (A Discworld Short Story by Terry Pratchett)

Ah, the things one learns from Wikipedia!

But before we get to that, I have to tell you this: I am currently reading my way through the entire Discworld series  by Terry Pratchett. I had often heard of the Discworld series, but until about six months ago had never actually read one.  I picked up the novel Thud!  at random from a nice selection of Pratchett novels available at a local book store. The introduction alone had me laughing out loud in the aisle. Thud! got me hooked on Pratchett in a “where have you been all my life?” sort of way. The novels are irreverent, smart, often sweet, charming and, most importantly, hilarious. I’m laughing my way through my tenth Discworld book.

 Knowing that I would soon be without another new Discworld book to read, I decided to search online and backtrack to some of the earlier novels so that I could continue reading them in order.  That search led me to this Wikipedia page: Discworld . A quick scroll through the page led me to a list of Pratchett’s short stories that are available online. A link there lead me to this page: Theatre of Cruelty (Discworld).  That page included a link to the actual story and here it is: Theatre of Cruelty on the L-Space Web

The story is quite short and includes one of my favorite Discworld characters, Death. If you haven’t read any of the books, it may be hard to explain exactly how the “anthropomorphic personification” of the “ultimate reality” (Pratchett, Mort, p.162, 163) can be endearing, but trust me. 😉


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