SF/F News Links

Today I began looking for ways of keeping up with what is going on in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing. A quick Google seach brought up thousands of listings.
Here are two links I explored extensively:
Locus Online–is “a semi-autonomous web version of Locus Magazine. Like the magazine, Locus Online focuses on news of the Science Fiction publishing field and coverage of new science fiction books and magazines.” If the subject concerns SF/F publishing and news, Locus Online probably has something about it. I especially like that they have a section on magazines and webzines with reviews and links (where available).

Another site I found interesting is SF Site.com . The front page is mostly book reviews, but a deeper look uncovers news, topical lists, interviews, forum discussions and more. It’s worth checking out.

I will add a News category to the sidebar with these links and add others when I have time to explore more sites.


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