Mommy Blogging? Well, I Used to…

   According to an opinion article I just read “Mommy Blogging” is hot right now. Women blog about their lives and families, usually in a humorous fashion. I can do that. I used to do that, only it wasn’t called blogging back then.

 In the early days of the web, at least for me circa 1998, getting something published on the internet meant either having a geocities or tripod account (remember them?) and learning basic HTML code or finding a website that published what you were writing and letting them do the coding to publish it. Guess which one I chose. 😉

    Actually, I did eventually have a geocities account, but stopped putting my first stories there when I found out that print and web publishers would pay me for them, but only if they hadn’t been published elsewhere, including a personal website.

 My first published piece went up on a website called The M-Word, now The M-word published “The Splinter” sometime in 1999. It doesn’t seem to be in the archives there now. The site has changed hands, probably more than once, since they published my last piece. Maybe they considered “The Splinter” controversial and took it down.  🙂

I turned my attention away from stories about parenting when I started writing fiction. Though much of the humor in the articles drew on things that actually happened, most of it was exaggeration to make it funny.

I’ve decided to create a new page that will feature my humor articles that can no longer be found on the web (or were never submitted anywhere).  There is still a “Humor Article” link in the side-bar, but those are links to my humor articles on other websites. 

Here’s the first one: The Splinter


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