Nick’s Deviant Art Page

Warning: “Proud Mom post” time.

My son, Nick, has been telling stories with pictures since he was in pre-school. Back then his stores mostly involved he and his friends getting sucked into tornadoes and going on adventures.
He’s sixteen now and still at it. Although one doesn’t see many tornadoes in his recent work, his comics are quirky, strange, funny and brilliant–much like Nick himself. Not that I’m operating from a position of bias or anything. 🙂

Here’s a link to his Deviant Art page.

The page is mostly dedicated to his “Duckie 117” comics. Duckie 117 is the evil dictator of Duckie Town. According to Nick, Duckie 117 “amuses himself by invading and demolishing neighboring countries, then nuking his own town, then kidnapping people from other countries to re-populate.” Duckie 117’s only companion is his “creepy” personal assistant/butler, Jenkins.

Half the time with Nick’s comics, I don’t get it. Nick assures me that some day I will…once my sense of humor is more sophisticated. 😀

*image of Duckie117 logo used with permission*


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