Look, Ma! They’re Still Alive.

Inspired by a friend’s blog photos of her garden, I decided to head out to my yard to snap a few pictures:


While the photos are not that remarkable, what is remarkable is that I have anything to photograph at all. My failures at gardening are already well documented here:Throwing in the Trowel .

This year I consulted my “green thumb” friends and family before planting. “Shade loving plants won’t die if you plant them in the shade.” Huh. I even went crying to my Facebook contacts when it looked like a plant I’d had for two days was dying. They saved it!
The plants in the yard have yet to go through the hottest part of a Louisiana summer, but so far they have come through two weeks of no rain and temperatures in the low 100s. With a little help from my friends and a water bill through the roof, at least there’s hope for this lot.


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