2011 Locus Awards

If you are looking some SF/F summer reading suggestions, why not try award winners?

 The 2011 Locus Awards were announced last Saturday. If you’re unfamiliar with the magazine or the website, visit the homepage: Locusmag.com . To go directly to the awards announcements visit this page: Locus Awards 2011 Winners.

It was exciting to see that my new (strictly literarary) crush, Neil Gaiman, took home wins in two categories.

I managed to snag the anthology The Locus Awards: Thirty Years of the Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy at the library last weekend. Published in 2004, the book delivers on the title. The editors have chosen only the best of the best stories from the award-winners from the 70’s through the 2000’s. For someone, like me, who loves short stories, the common thread running through the book is the excellence (and strangeness)  of each story. The book features work from SF/F giants like Harlan Ellison, Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia E. Butler and of course, my dear Neil. 🙂

   If the terrific stories in the anthology are anything to go by, I can confidently recommend checking out the materials from the winners this year. I guess it’s time to update my Amazon wish-list.


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