Sweeping Up the Cobwebs

  It seems I’ve started over on this blog more times than I can count, but here goes again! With the kids back in school (my daughter is now in 5-day-a- week preschool) I’ve turned back to writing. Over the summer there just wasn’t time for it. Instead I made art alongside my little girl, splashed in the pool and did a million other things except write.

I did find time to send out numerous short story submissions and got prompt rejections for every one. I got rejections by email and snail mail. If editors could figure out how to beam  rejections directly into my brain, I’m sure I would have gottem them that way too. Not that I’m taking any of it personally.  Some of the rejections were quite helpful and even encouraging. One editor asked that I send more. I really like it when they ask for more.

On a positive note, the editor for the Liminality: Tales from the Borders of Speculative Fiction anthology wrote to say he should have the contracts for contributors done soon. That’s something to look forward to.

Now to sweep up the cobwebs and dust off the stories I abandoned when summer started. I’ve made good headway on two of them.  I’ve had two weeks to get back into it and ideas for new stories are bubbling up every day. I’ve missed that feeling.

I guess it’s time to de-cobweb (I just made that word up. Could you tell?) this blog as well.  What should I blog about?  I think I’ll just put up a tiny snippet of the story I spent the morning working on:

   “Malice and Mithras!” said the sorceress as she stepped out of a cloud of green smoke. “That smells like hog-sweat.”

    Edy coughed and flapped her hands. She had not expected that conjuring a sorceress would be quite so aromatic. 

     Resisting the urge to plug her nostrils with her fingers, but unsure of what to do next, Edy dropped a low curtsey before the sorceress, who now glared at Edy from the center of the rope-circle.

    The rope, which Edy had carefully drenched in dog-urine (which was not so easy to collect as one might think), was also draped in snake skins. Four gold coins, placed at critical points around the rope, were each covered by an X of raven feathers.

   When Edy rose and dared look again, she found the sorceress standing with arms folded and foot tapping.


That’s the beginning. I hope to make it to the end before long. I have the whole thing outlined; I just have to write it. That’s the tricky part.



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