Art Projects Finished and in Progress

     As I mentioned in my post Sweeping Up the Cobwebs, I didn’t do much writing over the summer. I did however play with my paints a good deal.  These are two paintings I finished, but I have a stack of others that still need a good deal of work. Both are acrylics on canvas.

Pictures of pictures don’t usually show up well. I tried to clean them up with a photo editor, but didn’t have much luck.

     I also started a ceramics project. As part of a birthday celebration, some friends and I went to a local ceramics shop. I chose a plain plate, painted the background and then used a stencil to etch in the design. Naturally, I didn’t get finished before the shop closed, so I’ll have to finish painting it and then wait a week to ten days for it to be fired. Here’s the project in progress:

        The colors will be much darker and richer once it is fired and glazed.

          One the writing front, I am making progress on my latest story. Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about the plot point that came roaring out of my subconscious in the middle of the night.  At least I had the sense to jump up and write it down before it slipped away.


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