If You Use a Toothbrush as a Scrub Brush…

I have some other posts in the works about my writing and a new art project I’m working on, but with all the hints and tips websites out there, I though I’d add one of mine to the mix. 🙂
Here’s something useful if you use a toothbrush as a scrub brush. I find they are great for getting into tight places, like that tiny strip between the sink and the wall in the baths and the kitchen. Naturally, I keep these brushes with my other cleaning supplies, but just in case…


I wrap the bottom in duct tape so that even if the brush gets misplaced or forgotten, (or just gets up and walks around on its own, which inanimate objects are wont to do with kids in the house) everyone KNOWS that this is a scrub brush and should NEVER, EVER go in anyone’s mouth.

For clean-up I usually just throw these in the dishwasher or swish them around in a cup of diluted bleach solution. It’s a toothbrush, so it’s no sweat to throw them out when they get too gross to use.


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