Cheap and Easy Christmas Gift Decoration

20141123_094632 (3)I know. I know. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I spent the weekend wrapping Christmas gifts as a way to help out my daughter’s teacher. These are the gifts she will give to the children at their class party just before the holiday break.

I had twenty-plus gifts to wrap and really wanted a way to make them special without breaking my piggy bank.

I first discovered a really cute way to use cupcake liners as decorations a couple of years ago.
See that blog post HERE.

I ran to my local craft store and bought plain brown wrapping paper, 2 packs of mini-cupcake liners, one roll of ribbon and a package of pre-cut snowflakes. Because of their pre-holiday sale, I spent under 10 dollars for everything.

I pulled out my Christmas wrapping box and dug through what I had left over from last year. Here’s a look at everything I used:


20141123_093701 (3)

New and left-over ribbon, new and left-over cupcake liners, paint pens, paper doilies, hole punch, paper snowflakes, scissors, glue, glue sticks, tape, plain brown wrapping paper.

20141123_095611 (3)

A closer look at the coordinating cupcake liners: 2 sizes, mini and regular.











Of course the first step is to wrap the presents. I won’t mention what they are, but they were fairly small and easy to wrap. The fun part was the embellishing.

NOTE: Make sure you use a good sturdy wrapping paper. You will be gluing the embellishments on and wouldn’t want the glue to saturate the paper and tear or worse–ruin the present underneath. Brown paper grocery sacks cut to size would work great.

With just the items in the supply list and a little imagination, I was able to make over 20 unique gifts.  Each gift is different from the others, just like the kids who will receive them. 🙂

20141123_094641 (3) 20141123_094632 (3)

Just lay out the design and arrange to suit your taste before gluing anything. It’s really just a matter of layering one element over another.  It’s easy!

Click on each photo if you need a closer look.

Use the paint pens to fill in the designs.  Have fun!

20141123_131313 (2)

One dot of glue keeps the longer part of the ribbon in place.

20141123_130521 (3)20141123_095203 (2)


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