Kid’s Basket Craft

I’m always looking for economical kid’s crafts to do with my three-year-old daughter. This paper plate basket is a fun Spring, Easter or any time craft.

I adapted this craft from a rainbow craft I found on a kid’s craft site.

An adult will need to do the cutting and wrap the handle for younger children, but older children (ages 7 and up) can do the cutting and wrapping with supervision.

For this craft you will need:

2 sturdy paper plates

Tissue paper scraps





Stickers or other embellishments


Invert paper plate. Draw a straight line from side to side a little less than halfway down from the top.

Following the line of the bottom of the plate, draw a half-circle that touches the straight line.

Use pointed scissors to punch a hole in the middle of the half-circle. Do not cut from the side of the plate!

Cut along the line until you have a half-circle hole like this:

Repeat this process with the second paper plate.

Now, it’s glue time! Decorate the bottom of the paper plate with torn tissue and/or construction paper or whatever you have on hand. In this example we used mini-cupcake papers and construction paper. This will be the bottom of the “basket.” Decorate both plates.

Position the decorated plates, insides facing, so that the holes match up. Staple or glue the plates together. The curve of the plates will form the inside of the basket. (I used undecorated plates in the picture, because I’d already stapled the decorated ones together.)

Now it’s time to decorate the handle. Starting at one corner of the half-circle, staple on a length of ribbon. (You’ll notice the plate in the example is not decorated. This is because I was going to use the craft as a doorknob hanger and the undecorated side was the back.)

Wrap the ribbon over and around both plates, overlapping as you go. The length of ribbon you will need will depend on the width of the ribbon and how much overlapping you do.

If you run out of ribbon, like I did, just staple on another length, overlap to cover the staple and continue wrapping. Staple the end of the ribbon to secure. If you’re worried about the ribbon slipping out of place, dot glue along the handle and press the ribbon down into the glue as you wrap.

Continue decorating and embellishing at will. Be sure to cover any staples that are showing with a sticker or a piece of colorful paper. If this is an Easter basket, add Easter grass, plastic eggs, etc.

If you make this craft with your children, I’d love to hear about it and see pictures. Have fun!


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