Personalized Gift Bag–Just 4 dollars


This gift bag turned out so cute, I wish I had taken step-by-step photos, but  it was really simple. I’ll try to be explicit in the instructions, but refer back to the picture if something isn’t clear.

The embellishments on the bag, except for the curly bow, came from the dollar bins at Michael’s and other craft items I already had.

This project included:

1 plain brown gift bag–99 cents

1 package of 6 “monogram”  note cards–1 dollar

1 package of paper flowers–1 dollar

Curly ribbon bow–99 cents

Items already on hand in my craft closet:

Regular school glue

Black marker

Gold paint pen

hole punch

ruler or straight edge


This bag was for a little girl named Morgan for her birthday. I dug around in the dollar bins at Michael’s until I found a package of note cards with an “M” on the front. At my local store, there were several styles of these from which to choose.

Once I got everything home, here’s what I did:  I positioned the bag with the folded bottom down, smooth side up.  Next, I cut the note card along the fold, so that I had the “M”side of the card as just a flat piece to work with.  I positioned the M and then scattered the paper flowers around in way that I liked.

To mimic the pattern in the note card, I drew two straight (ish) lines across the upper part of the bag with a black marker. I drew little lines to divide it up, and  then colored the little squares  alternating black marker with a gold paint pen.

I repositioned the card, then glued it on the bag. I spread the glue pretty thinly on the back of the card. I didn’t want to get the card too wet and have it warp or buckle.  I also spread a thin layer of glue directly on the bag where the card was going to be placed.

Next, I glued on the paper flowers, which came with the little jewels in the centers.  I  secured each one with one little dot of glue.

After letting  the glue dry for about 10 minutes, I went back with the gold paint pen to draw on the squiggles. If this part makes you nervous, LIGHTLY draw the squiggles with a pencil first, so you can erase and erase until you get them just like you want them. Then trace over the pencil lines with a marker or paint pen.

For the gift tag, I cut a piece off the back of the note card, punched a hole in one corner. I wrote “Morgan” on one side and  “Love, Anna” on the other. Then, I threaded a piece of the curly ribbon through the hole and tied a knot.  I stuck the curly bow on the bag and that was it! Done. All it needed was the present inside and some tissue paper. Which I did not take a picture of.

By the way, I also slipped the left-over “M” note cards into the bag to make them part of the present.

In total, I probably spent 20 minutes putting this together, that’s including letting the glue dry for 10 minutes. Morgan loved her personalized gift bag. and I loved making it for her.


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