Sun and Moon and Writing

I have been making more visual art lately than writing. I haven’t given up, but when my writing stalls, art relaxes me and seems to often free up the part of my brain that generates stories. I always keep a notebook and pen handy when I’m working on an art piece and I often stop to jot down a thought or two. Sometimes I abandon the art altogether and crank out 1,300 words in an hour, which happened a few days ago. For me, visual art is just another process to writing.

I found an art piece by beading mosaic artist Brandi Jasmine by doing a quick search on the internet. I love her work. I found an image I wanted to use in my own medium of torn tissue paper.

I don’t have permission to display the original, but I can point you here to take a look. Hers is gorgeous and mine is an imitation, but I hope it is “flattery” all the same.

This is my version on the Sun and Moon:



And a close up for detail:DSCN0116


I bought some beads and had every intention of putting more beading on the piece, but managed to stop myself before I “bedazzled” it to death. The piece is mostly done with torn tissue paper on canvas board, but I also used oil-based paint pens to do outlining on the sun and the swirlies on the moon.


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