Two Sides Are More Than Enough

These are the  latest art pieces I’ve finished.

The first, the cute little birdie, was done for my daughter. She’s nine and this is what she likes.
The other, which I call “Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights,” began as my contribution to a group project. We applied to depict Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes as part of a Halloween exhibition. Our idea didn’t get picked. I kept the old girl around unfinished for a while and then decided to pull her back out and see what I could do.

Both are mixed media collages, made up mostly of torn tissue paper and glue. There are some acrylic paints and sharpie outlines thrown in as well.
I think the two pieces perfectly show the two sides of me. One, the sunny wife and Mom, who volunteers at the elementary school. The other is the darker one, who loves a scary folktale, spun in shadows. They both make up the parts that make me, me.  I probably have more than two sides, come to think of it, but it is probably best not to discuss the others. Click the links for larger versions.

Fat Little Birdie                                                           Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights




Cheap and Easy Christmas Gift Decoration

20141123_094632 (3)I know. I know. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I spent the weekend wrapping Christmas gifts as a way to help out my daughter’s teacher. These are the gifts she will give to the children at their class party just before the holiday break.


The Sun and Moon and Writing

I have been making more visual art lately than writing. I haven’t given up, but when my writing stalls, art relaxes me and seems to often free up the part of my brain that generates stories. I always keep a notebook and pen handy when I’m working on an art piece and I often stop to jot down a thought or two. Sometimes I abandon the art altogether and crank out 1,300 words in an hour, which happened a few days ago. For me, visual art is just another process to writing.

I found an art piece by beading mosaic artist Brandi Jasmine by doing a quick search on the internet. I love her work. I found an image I wanted to use in my own medium of torn tissue paper.

I don’t have permission to display the original, but I can point you here to take a look. Hers is gorgeous and mine is an imitation, but I hope it is “flattery” all the same.

This is my version on the Sun and Moon:

DSCN0110  For a full-sized version and the rest of the post, please click here

A Flower for Maya

The writers group I’m a part of went on a field trip last night. We traveled to another city to participate in an experiment.  The organizers still aren’t sure what to call it, but everyone agreed it was a success.

It was a night of art, artists, poetry, remembrance, much laughter, a few tears…oh…and wine.  Each person was encouraged to bring a favorite quote or poem by Maya Angelou to share with the group.

The art supplies came out and we were again encouraged to do whatever we felt like, whether to follow the instructor’s lead or go off on our own. This is mine. Done in 3 hours and a little shaky after a few drinks, the piece is fitting for my life and the blog.

Thank you, Dr. Angelou, for everything. ❤


Click here for the full size version.

Pheonix In Progress

I have started a new art project that I am working on in spurts. Often I lay out my art supplies and move between this project and my computer when I’m writing. Gluing bits of paper to canvas board helps me work out plot points or bits of dialogue. I often do my easiest writing when I’m nowhere near my computer.
Here’s a bit of what I do, how I do it, and where it’s at so far:

This is a close up of its head with the eyes drawn in with a Sharpie. You can get an idea of what the texture of the work is like.

This is a close up of its head with the eyes drawn in with a Sharpie. You can get an idea of what the texture of the work is like.

To read the whole post: Click Here

Peacock Art

Once again I have let the blog slide, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. If I can find the time, I may be posting several things that have kept me occupied in the last few months. For today, here is the peacock art I made for my sister several months ago. This was made from torn tissue paper glued to a board canvas.


Another Christmas Bag

I had so much fun making the Christmas bags withe the zebra-striped cupcake liners, I decided to do some more.

This time I used a red bag with a glossy finish…
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Easy Christmas Gift Bag Decoration

While digging around in the craft closet a few days ago, I discovered a cache of plain brown gift bags I bought months ago.  Knowing that I would soon need lots of Christmas gift bags, I starting thinking about how I could decorate the plain ones.

This is a really easy way to decorate plain bags for all your Christmas gift-giving.

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Art Projects Finished and in Progress

     As I mentioned in my post Sweeping Up the Cobwebs, I didn’t do much writing over the summer. I did however play with my paints a good deal.  These are two paintings I finished, but I have a stack of others that still need a good deal of work. Both are acrylics on canvas.

Pictures of pictures don’t usually show up well. I tried to clean them up with a photo editor, but didn’t have much luck.

     I also started a ceramics project. As part of a birthday celebration, some friends and I went to a local ceramics shop. I chose a plain plate, painted the background and then used a stencil to etch in the design. Naturally, I didn’t get finished before the shop closed, so I’ll have to finish painting it and then wait a week to ten days for it to be fired. Here’s the project in progress:

        The colors will be much darker and richer once it is fired and glazed.

          One the writing front, I am making progress on my latest story. Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about the plot point that came roaring out of my subconscious in the middle of the night.  At least I had the sense to jump up and write it down before it slipped away.

Look, Ma! They’re Still Alive.

Inspired by a friend’s blog photos of her garden, I decided to head out to my yard to snap a few pictures:


While the photos are not that remarkable, what is remarkable is that I have anything to photograph at all. My failures at gardening are already well documented here:Throwing in the Trowel .

This year I consulted my “green thumb” friends and family before planting. “Shade loving plants won’t die if you plant them in the shade.” Huh. I even went crying to my Facebook contacts when it looked like a plant I’d had for two days was dying. They saved it!
The plants in the yard have yet to go through the hottest part of a Louisiana summer, but so far they have come through two weeks of no rain and temperatures in the low 100s. With a little help from my friends and a water bill through the roof, at least there’s hope for this lot.

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