Personalized Gift Bag–Just 4 Dollars


This gift bag turned out so  cute, I should have taken step-by-step photos, but It was really simple.

For complete instructions click HERE


Twisted Boulevard Is Available!


The main thing I am always short on is time. There so very much I want to get done and so little time to do it. I have been meaning to post a great deal about Twisted Boulevard: Tales of Urban Fantasy , which includes my short story “Mors Cupid” but just haven’t had the chance. Luckily, there are bloggers who MAKE the time.

Twisted Boulevard contributor Paul Bates has posted a helpful synopsis of each of the twenty seven stories in the book on his blog Paul Bates: Putzel, Zeppy and Me along with several helpful links of how to buy the book. 🙂

I’m so thrilled to have one of my stories included in such an impressive selection of stories.

If You Use a Toothbrush as a Scrub Brush…

I have some other posts in the works about my writing and a new art project I’m working on, but with all the hints and tips websites out there, I though I’d add one of mine to the mix. 🙂
Here’s something useful if you use a toothbrush as a scrub brush. I find they are great for getting into tight places, like that tiny strip between the sink and the wall in the baths and the kitchen. Naturally, I keep these brushes with my other cleaning supplies, but just in case…


I wrap the bottom in duct tape so that even if the brush gets misplaced or forgotten, (or just gets up and walks around on its own, which inanimate objects are wont to do with kids in the house) everyone KNOWS that this is a scrub brush and should NEVER, EVER go in anyone’s mouth.

For clean-up I usually just throw these in the dishwasher or swish them around in a cup of diluted bleach solution. It’s a toothbrush, so it’s no sweat to throw them out when they get too gross to use.

Blog Reorganization

I’ve never claimed to be a quick-study, but given time I can usually (well, sometimes) firgure things out. This blog is no exception. This is my first and only blog and I’ve never been one to think too far ahead, as in studying what a blog is and how they are organized. I’m more of a “jump in with both feet and hope for the best” person.
A few months back, one of the blogs to which I subcribe featured a post about snipping posts. The blogger mentioned how annoying extra-long blog posts are and how they cluttered up digest feeds. Huh, I thought, I know I’m guilty of this, but have no idea what to do about it. How did one exactly going about “snipping” a post and where in the world would the link point to?

Know what? WordPress has all kinds of help and information pages available for free. Go figure. The answer? It was right down there on the dashboard links. Pages. Duh, Loretta.

So, for the last few days I’ve been adding pages, categorizing old posts, snipping them and adding links. It will be a lengthy process. Hopefully, this will clean up the archives and not make for any more tedious scrolling. Better late than never, right?

Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. I am the daughter, wife, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend of  veterans who have served in almost every branch of the US military in peace-time and in war. Today and every day, I thank God for every brave man and woman who served and continue to serve.

I can’t write much more without crying, overwhelmed with love, appreciation and pride. Everything I try to write seems clumsy and insufficient. A simple, heart-felt “thank you and God bless you” will have to do.

On a less serious note, today I added several links to  articles of mine that are available at a variety of websites.  I’ve also updated my blog roll to include more  of my favorite blogs, with more soon to come.

Other added links include sites that offer writing advice,  market listings and professional organizations for writers. I’ll be adding more links as time permits.  Feel free to explore and if you have a favorite you’d like to see added to the lists, please leave a comment and a link.

Oh, and if you enjoy your liberty and freedom, be sure to thank a veteran.

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