There Once Was a Site Called LazyGourmets…

Several years ago, I was the co-owner of a cooking and recipe website called It was great fun for about two years. We had thousands of newsletter subscribers and page-views in the tens of thousands every month.

After a time, the demands of running the site (keeping up with posting, moderating the message boards, testing recipes, responding to emails, etc, etc) began to overwhelm us both. Then hackers and spam-bots made us throw up our hands and say “Forget it!” The site was allowed to wither and die.

So, is no more, but I still have saved many of the newsletters, recipes and articles we used on the site.

Many of the articles we wrote for the site are still floating around in cyberspace on other websites. One of these days I’m going to compile a list of links and post them here.

For today, here is an article I enjoyed researching and writing and also found very useful:

Deep Freeze Summer’s Bounty

If your garden has gone into overdrive, or if you just could not resist buying more fresh produce than you can use right away, try these quick and easy ways to freeze fresh peas, beans, corn on the cob, onions and bell peppers.

Easy Freeze Fresh Peas or Beans

Shell peas or beans. Do not rinse them.* Double bag two heavy-duty trash bags. Dump unwashed peas or beans into the bags. Use a twist tie to close the bags, Place bags in the freezer.

To cook, simply remove the desired amount of peas or beans, rinse well and cook as usual.

*The peas or beans will not stick together after freezing or get freezer burned if you do not get them wet by rinsing.

Do (Almost) Nothing Corn on the cob

Freezing fresh corn on the cob couldn’t be easier. Simply place the ears, husks and all, in large freezer bags or in double-bagged heavy-duty trash bags. Close bags tightly and place in freezer.

To use, thaw desired amount until the ears are easy to shuck. Rinse well and cook as desired.

Leaving the husk on the corn protects it from freezer burn. Do not rinse the corn before freezing or the ears will stick together.

Chop-Chop Bell Peppers and Green Onions

Remove the tops, then slice and de-seed green, red or yellow bell peppers. Chop peppers coarsely. Place in a freezer container with a tight-fitting lid. Freeze.

To freeze green onions, trim the ends of each onion. Chop onions, including the tops, coarsely. Continue as above.

To use, simply chip out as much pepper or onion as desired.

Use these chopped, frozen bits when you want the flavor and color of peppers and or green onions in soups, stews or sauces. For salads or stir fry dishes, fresh is best.

Note: Yellow, white and red onions do not hold up as well when freezing, so this method is not recommended.

Note to Kellie: Co-owning that site with you was tons of fun and I’d do it again in a minute, but we’d need financial backing so we could hire a staff first! Love ya, Girlfriend! Mmmmmmwah!


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