Two Sides Are More Than Enough

These are the  latest art pieces I’ve finished.

The first, the cute little birdie, was done for my daughter. She’s nine and this is what she likes.
The other, which I call “Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights,” began as my contribution to a group project. We applied to depict Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes as part of a Halloween exhibition. Our idea didn’t get picked. I kept the old girl around unfinished for a while and then decided to pull her back out and see what I could do.

Both are mixed media collages, made up mostly of torn tissue paper and glue. There are some acrylic paints and sharpie outlines thrown in as well.
I think the two pieces perfectly show the two sides of me. One, the sunny wife and Mom, who volunteers at the elementary school. The other is the darker one, who loves a scary folktale, spun in shadows. They both make up the parts that make me, me.  I probably have more than two sides, come to think of it, but it is probably best not to discuss the others. Click the links for larger versions.

Fat Little Birdie                                                           Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights




A Flower for Maya

The writers group I’m a part of went on a field trip last night. We traveled to another city to participate in an experiment.  The organizers still aren’t sure what to call it, but everyone agreed it was a success.

It was a night of art, artists, poetry, remembrance, much laughter, a few tears…oh…and wine.  Each person was encouraged to bring a favorite quote or poem by Maya Angelou to share with the group.

The art supplies came out and we were again encouraged to do whatever we felt like, whether to follow the instructor’s lead or go off on our own. This is mine. Done in 3 hours and a little shaky after a few drinks, the piece is fitting for my life and the blog.

Thank you, Dr. Angelou, for everything. ❤


Click here for the full size version.

Pheonix In Progress

I have started a new art project that I am working on in spurts. Often I lay out my art supplies and move between this project and my computer when I’m writing. Gluing bits of paper to canvas board helps me work out plot points or bits of dialogue. I often do my easiest writing when I’m nowhere near my computer.
Here’s a bit of what I do, how I do it, and where it’s at so far:

This is a close up of its head with the eyes drawn in with a Sharpie. You can get an idea of what the texture of the work is like.

This is a close up of its head with the eyes drawn in with a Sharpie. You can get an idea of what the texture of the work is like.

To read the whole post: Click Here

Peacock Art

Once again I have let the blog slide, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. If I can find the time, I may be posting several things that have kept me occupied in the last few months. For today, here is the peacock art I made for my sister several months ago. This was made from torn tissue paper glued to a board canvas.


Art Projects Finished and in Progress

     As I mentioned in my post Sweeping Up the Cobwebs, I didn’t do much writing over the summer. I did however play with my paints a good deal.  These are two paintings I finished, but I have a stack of others that still need a good deal of work. Both are acrylics on canvas.

Pictures of pictures don’t usually show up well. I tried to clean them up with a photo editor, but didn’t have much luck.

     I also started a ceramics project. As part of a birthday celebration, some friends and I went to a local ceramics shop. I chose a plain plate, painted the background and then used a stencil to etch in the design. Naturally, I didn’t get finished before the shop closed, so I’ll have to finish painting it and then wait a week to ten days for it to be fired. Here’s the project in progress:

        The colors will be much darker and richer once it is fired and glazed.

          One the writing front, I am making progress on my latest story. Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about the plot point that came roaring out of my subconscious in the middle of the night.  At least I had the sense to jump up and write it down before it slipped away.

Autumn Trees

Here’s a quick painting I did yesterday.
To see the full-size version, Click here

Nick’s Deviant Art Page

Warning: “Proud Mom post” time.

My son, Nick, has been telling stories with pictures since he was in pre-school. Back then his stores mostly involved he and his friends getting sucked into tornadoes and going on adventures.
He’s sixteen now and still at it. Although one doesn’t see many tornadoes in his recent work, his comics are quirky, strange, funny and brilliant–much like Nick himself. Not that I’m operating from a position of bias or anything. 🙂

Here’s a link to his Deviant Art page.

The page is mostly dedicated to his “Duckie 117” comics. Duckie 117 is the evil dictator of Duckie Town. According to Nick, Duckie 117 “amuses himself by invading and demolishing neighboring countries, then nuking his own town, then kidnapping people from other countries to re-populate.” Duckie 117’s only companion is his “creepy” personal assistant/butler, Jenkins.

Half the time with Nick’s comics, I don’t get it. Nick assures me that some day I will…once my sense of humor is more sophisticated. 😀

*image of Duckie117 logo used with permission*

Anna’s Art

For today, since I promised to, I thought I’d show a couple of pieces of my daughter’s art. She’ll be four in a couple of weeks. That’s hard to believe.

When we break out the art supplies instead of giving her a specific project, I just hand her the materials and let her go.

This is a scan of a watercolor she did yesterday. I’m not sure if it is right-side-up or not, but since she didn’t express a preference, I thought I’d show it this way.







This one was done during her “splatter” period. Great for art…not so great for the walls, furniture, clothes, floor… (Ignore the date stamp on the photo–she wasn’t even born in 2004–I’ll figure out how to change that date thing some day.)







Here she is applying tissue paper to cardboard. If you look closely, you may observe that before she started this project, she’d just finished one of her splatter paintings. I think the date-stamp on this picture may actually be right.

Red, wiser

This is a pencil and colored-pencil drawing. It began as a copy of a photo of a famous statue. As the drawing progressed, it looked less and less like the statue and more like a theme that keeps cropping up in my writing… See More

Bitty Bird

Yesterday was a day of fun, relaxation and art-play. This little guy came to be in an atmosphere of pure exaltation of creativity.  It mattered little what was created. What mattered was that I was surrounded by people who value creativity for its own sake.

In addition to making birds, we also painted on tiny canvases and then played an art game (of our own design) with gorgeous, colorful chunks of molded polymer clay.

The day was a gentle reminder that at one time we were all artists and scientists and writers and singers and wonderers and discoverers–and it’s never to late to recapture it all.

Thanks to Juney and Laura for making the afternoon so enjoyable.

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