Cheap and Easy Christmas Gift Decoration

20141123_094632 (3)I know. I know. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I spent the weekend wrapping Christmas gifts as a way to help out my daughter’s teacher. These are the gifts she will give to the children at their class party just before the holiday break.



Another Christmas Bag

I had so much fun making the Christmas bags withe the zebra-striped cupcake liners, I decided to do some more.

This time I used a red bag with a glossy finish…
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Easy Christmas Gift Bag Decoration

While digging around in the craft closet a few days ago, I discovered a cache of plain brown gift bags I bought months ago.  Knowing that I would soon need lots of Christmas gift bags, I starting thinking about how I could decorate the plain ones.

This is a really easy way to decorate plain bags for all your Christmas gift-giving.

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Revenge of the Toys

This humor article originally ran on several years ago. The general ideas still apply and I think they always will, because it’s the….
Revenge of the Toys
They scream. They wail. They make noises specifically designed to drive parents up the wall. Are they children? No. Well, not always. It’s their toys….
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