Children of Elder Time E-book Available

I’m so excited to announce that my collection of short stories and poems, Children of Elder Time  is available for Kindle download from!  I used my original artwork, Sun and Moon,  for the cover.

The book features 10 short stories, two of which were previously published, and two poems. The entire book clocks in at 128 pages, which I hope is enough (and entertaining enough) to warrant its $2.99 price tag.

The stories and poems can best be summed up as Speculative Fiction. That’s the best genre I could lump them under considering they feature everything from dragons and vampires to (I’m not kidding) vampire-dragons. You’ll also find tales with folklore, fairy tales and classic mythology re-spun and re-imagined. The stories range from humorous to dark and represent, I hope, the best of my writing to date.

Here’s the link again!

Children of Elder Time


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