Two Sides Are More Than Enough

These are the  latest art pieces I’ve finished.

The first, the cute little birdie, was done for my daughter. She’s nine and this is what she likes.
The other, which I call “Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights,” began as my contribution to a group project. We applied to depict Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes as part of a Halloween exhibition. Our idea didn’t get picked. I kept the old girl around unfinished for a while and then decided to pull her back out and see what I could do.

Both are mixed media collages, made up mostly of torn tissue paper and glue. There are some acrylic paints and sharpie outlines thrown in as well.
I think the two pieces perfectly show the two sides of me. One, the sunny wife and Mom, who volunteers at the elementary school. The other is the darker one, who loves a scary folktale, spun in shadows. They both make up the parts that make me, me.  I probably have more than two sides, come to think of it, but it is probably best not to discuss the others. Click the links for larger versions.

Fat Little Birdie                                                           Dust Witch or Chunky Low-lights




Space Rooster

Meet Space Rooster. What is Space Rooster made of? I cut the rooster shape and accompanying foreground objects from a watercolor painting I wasn’t happy with.  The background is watercolor over tissue paper, over cardboard.

Is it professional? Heck no. Is it mine? Yep. See More

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