Story Excerpt

I have a Speculative Fiction story in progress that is going well, except I don’t have a plot yet. I have a concept, a milieu, some funny anecdotes, but no real problem for my protagonist. I’m still working on it. I thought it might be fun to post a couple of excerpts from what I have so far.

I’ll set up the story for you: Melinda is the General Curator at New Life Neo-Zoological Conservatory. New Life is a different kind of zoo. It houses such strange exhibits as The Laniarium (vampire enclosure), The Living Dead Walk-About (zombies) and more.

In this section, Melinda talks with Elton Harnbeck, a freelance Neo-zoo Facilitator. He has come with news of new specimens another Neo-zoo wants to trade to New Life:

“A unicorn?” Melinda shook her head. “I’ll pass.” Unicorns are not shy and mysterious; they are snotty little divas who are only slightly more difficult to deal with than mermaids. They insist on being hand-fed by virgins (Make that beautiful virgins. They are such shallow snobs). It was hard to find keepers who would agree to such restrictions on their personal lives. One wild weekend in Boca could put a good unicorn keeper out of a job.

In this section of the story Melinda has a conversation with Larry, a Neo-zoo keeper-trainee:

“A were-poodle?

“ Yes. Joyce’s poodle was bitten by a werewolf, and then the snappy little thing turned on her.”

“So, that makes her different from werewolves?”

“Somewhat,” Melinda nodded. “She turns all fluffy and cute, except she has extra-long fangs. Her claws are as razor-sharp as any werewolf’s, even if they are painted an adorable shade of hot pink.”

Melinda began to walk away, but thought for a moment and turned back. “Don’t let Joyce turn her back on you. Her tail pouf packs quite a wallop.”

Larry made a note on his clipboard. “How’s her personality when she’s…uh…not herself?”

Melinda shrugged. “Mmmm, slightly a-typical. Unfortunately for Joyce, her moon time also coincides with her menstrual cycle. Poor thing. Not only does she turn into a wild, ravenous beast, but she gets cramps and bloating to go along with it.”

So, I have some funny bits, (there’s more I’m not sharing this time.) but the story still has a long way to go. Maybe instead of blogging about it, I should be working on it. 😉

My husband just informed me that there is a show on SyFy called Sanctuary that uses something along this premise. <sigh>I’d never heard of it before. I guess I should watch more television. Ah well, my story is amusing me, if nothing else. It sucks to know my muse may have been double-dipping, and apparently gets to me last. 🙂


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