Where Have I Been? Writing.

     It’s been months (I think) since my last blog entry. In trying to finish some writing projects before the flurry of summer vacation activities took over, soemthing had to give and it was this blog.
     I almost made it. On the last day of school for my kids, I was close to finishing two short stories. Instead of giving up on the stories for two months, (while acting as Chief Entertainmnet Organizer) I rearranged my writing schedule. Now, I get up around five in the morning and write for two hours or so before the rest of the family begins stirring.
      The new schedule has worked well so far. I finished the stories I was working on and was able to do the final rewrites and editing on one of them. I submitted the finished story yesterday and plan to return to the other one this week to do the final polishing.
     I write slowly so finishing two stories (and one piece of micro-flash fiction) in a short amount of time really feels great.
     My slow production of new material has always bothered me a bit. That’s why it was refreshing to read a tweet from Neil Gaiman a few days ago. He tweeted that it had taken him three years and several rewrites before being satisfied with the Dr. Who episode that aired a few weeks ago. Three years for forty-five minutes of screen time–now I don’t feel so discouraged that it took me three months to produce about seven thousand words I’m (almost) happy with.


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